10 things to consider when drafting a financial agreement

There are many issues to consider when advising a client about a proposed financial agreement. Here are 10 of the most important: 1. Is it the most appropriate way to formalise the agreement? 2. Should it be a deed? 3. … Continue reading

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Victorian Supreme Court confirms tort of intimidation is part of Australian law

By John Tuck (Partner) & Breen Creighton (Consultant) of Corrs Chambers Westgarth The decision of the Supreme Court of Victoria in Boral Resources (Vic) Pty Ltd v CFMEU [2014] VSC 429 (16 September 2014) (Boral) highlights an important response that is often available … Continue reading

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Vital reforms to competition law and policy fore shadowed by Harper Panel – section 46 and removal of state powers by Bob Baxt

Having returned from a month overseas, early in October, one of the documents I found sitting on my desk awaiting my attention, (and it certainly “grabbed” my attention), was the Draft Report of the Harper Panel appointed to conduct a … Continue reading

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International child abduction

Australia is a party to the Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction, otherwise known as the Child Abduction Convention or the Hague Convention. Its aim is to secure the prompt return of an abducted child to his … Continue reading

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Don’t forget to bookmark our CCH Commercial Law page!

As a commercial lawyer,  your focus is squarely on delivering meaningful, timely, decision-enabling advice to your business. CCH understands that the boundaries of Australian commercial law are constantly expanding to accommodate increasingly complex commercial practices. We appreciate your need for a broader database of legal news in this increasingly … Continue reading

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Agricultural Competitiveness Green Paper released

The Australian Government released the Agricultural Competitiveness Green Paper on 20 October 2014 and is calling for all interested parties to make submissions by 12 December 2014. Minister for Agriculture Barnaby Joyce made the following comments in relation to the … Continue reading

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The grim life of tenants — living in the Willmott forest

Written by Jonathan Nathan of Aitken Lawyers Pty Ltd Snapshot Liquidators appointed to a landlord company can now disclaim a registered lease This could result in tenants being treated unfairly, and precludes tenants from protecting themselves sufficiently against the risks … Continue reading

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Snapshot: Consumer Credit Law

  1. “Low Doc” home lending under the microscope ASIC has released its report into the use of so called “low doc” home loans in Australia with a focus on the compliance of the responsible lending obligations in the National … Continue reading

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Making news: Industrial Law case wrap-up

TEACHER EXCLUDED FROM FWC’S BULLYING JURISDICTION The Fair Work Commission has dismissed a teacher’s application to stop bullying on the basis that it lacked jurisdiction to hear the application as neither governments nor their departments are considered constitutional corporations.  A.B. (2014) … Continue reading

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High Court on fund management damages: Gray v Richards

The unanimous decision of the High Court of Australia in Gray v Richards [2014] HCA 40 ruled that the Court of Appeal erred in deciding that no allowance should be made for the cost of managing the fund management damages … Continue reading

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